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Educational Workshop: RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT 201

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Join this Next Level Hospitality Management Training

Workshop: Restaurant Management 201

Restaurant 201

This exclusive workshop will guide you and your entire management team through the process of becoming a cohesive team with strong leadership.   

It's an in-depth management training workshop that will give you the knowledge, skills, and systems needed for your team to properly run your business' daily operations, while still having the time and focus to manage the business details that will drive you to success!

This program is perfect for owners, managers, key employees, and potential management employees wanting to learn the fundamental skills that are required to consistently operate at a high level. 






  • Learn the elements of strong leadership and cohesive team building
  • Gain an understanding of the critical systems needed for a strong management foundation
  • Enhance the employee onboarding process to attract and welcome new team members
  • Learn step-by-step how to implement an entire employee training program
  • Understand the guest perspective and set tangible goals for the guest experience
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the most important financial systems and how to impact your numbers
  • Learn best practices for building the right daily operational system
  • Understand how a good, simple marketing plan can guide your establishment to higher sales
  • Create an Action Plan of priorities with your team and identify your next steps to success!

Course Instructors

Alison Anne

Alison Anne

Darren Dennington

Darren Denington

Alison Anne worked her way from Hostess/Busser at a small family-owned restaurant in her hometown to AGM & Events Director at one of Washington, DC's largest sports bars during her 18-year career, in addition to being credentialed with the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. When she noticed the high levels of burnout, dissatisfaction, and turnover plaguing the industry, she discovered she had a knack for drilling down into the heart of what makes restaurants - and restaurant people - tick. Now, her love for the industry has her focusing on employee support and well-being, from the GM to the dishwasher, and working with her clients to connect their vision and growth initiatives to the needs of their staff, while making sure that they are equipped with the systems to do something about it.

Darren S. Denington, CFBE, has an extensive background in the restaurant industry and has served as an Owner, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Director, District Manager, and General Manager. For the past 25 years, Darren has owned and operated a secret shopping, restaurant coaching, and hospitality team training company called Service With Style. He has focused on guest experience, employee training, team building, and he works closely with operators, helping them to implement the systems needed to improve their establishments. 

Together, Darren and Alison represent the restaurant experience at every level. They are excited to share this innovative new course with restaurant managers everywhere and are confident that they can deliver tangible results for your business by the end of this program. 


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